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You recently got into video games? Or are you a gamer wanting to try something new for a change. Don't worry as that is why we are here for. GNexus is a website dedicated to help you viewers find the game you want! Based on statistics and reviews, we can help you in deciding which game you can spend your money on and make the best out of it.

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Reviews and content on GNexus is done by our fellow editorial team, all game reviews are reviewed by a trusted group of writers whom have completed or spent hundreds of hours on the games they've reviewed


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Not expecting a certain game to be on this website? Were your views on the game different from what was stated on the website? Do not worry, if you're wondering how we rate these games, it is based on our own opinions and some additional research from external sources. So to be clear, our personal ratings might differ from yours and that everyone has their own preferences and views of their game. However, if you've felt that we've missed something or if you want to recommend a game to be placed on the list, then you can drop us an email below. We appreciate your understanding.